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『大啖啲,大膽啲』:打破香港飲食、形象和心理健康的沉默:Body Banter 創始人 Steph 的個人敘述

'Big Bites Break Boundaries': Breaking the Silence on Food, Body Image, and Mental Health in Hong Kong:  A Personal Narrative by Steph Ng, Founder of Body Banter

在一個飲食形象和心理健康的話題常常籠罩在沉默和社會污名中的社會裡,Body Banter 的創始人 Steph 採取了大膽的舉措。在多年的反思和個人經歷後,她決定在一本名為『大啖啲,大膽啲』的書中分享她的旅程。這個個人敘述深入探討了飲食、形象和心理健康之間的複雜關係,尤其是在香港的背景下。儘管這本書涉及了飲食失調等敏感問題,但對於那些尋求理解和支持的人來說,它是一個強大的資源。

In a society where conversations about body image and mental health are often shrouded in silence and stigma, Steph, the founder of Body Banter, a platform advocating for open discussions on these topics, has taken a bold step. After years of reflection and personal experiences, she has decided to share her journey in a book titled 'Big Bites Break Boundaries.' This personal narrative delves into the complex relationship between food, body image, and mental health, specifically in the context of Hong Kong. While the book tackles sensitive issues such as eating disorders, it serves as a powerful resource for those seeking understanding and support.

『大啖啲,大膽啲』提供了 Steph 旅程的真實和坦誠的描述,為讀者提供了一個獨特的視角,了解許多人在身體和心理健康方面所面臨的挑戰。這本書深入探討了社會壓力、文化影響和個人掙扎對飲食失調和形象問題發展的影響。通過分享她自己的故事,Steph 的目標是打破沉默,消除這些話題周圍的污名。

'Big Bites Break Boundaries' offers a raw and honest account of Steph's journey, providing readers with a unique perspective on the challenges many individuals face in relation to their bodies and mental well-being. The book delves into the societal pressures, cultural influences, and personal struggles that contribute to the development of disordered eating and body image issues. By sharing her own story, Steph aims to break through the silence and dismantle the stigma surrounding these topics.

閱讀這本書時應謹慎,因為它涉及敏感且可能引發不適的主題。Steph 勇敢地討論了飲食失調,揭示了它們對個人及其親人的毀滅性影響。她意識到尋求專業幫助的重要性,鼓勵那些與她的經歷產生共鳴的讀者尋求香港飲食失調協會等組織的指導和支持。在需要時,重視自己的健康並尋求合格專業人士的協助是至關重要的。

It is important to approach the book with caution, as it addresses sensitive and potentially triggering subjects. Steph courageously discusses eating disorders, shedding light on their devastating impact on individuals and their loved ones. Recognizing the significance of professional help, she encourages readers who resonate with her experiences to reach out to organizations such as the Hong Kong Eating Disorder Association for guidance and support. It is crucial to prioritize one's well-being and seek assistance from qualified professionals when needed.

『大啖啲,大膽啲』的主要目標之一是打破與飲食、形象和心理健康相關的污名。通過分享她的個人敘述,Steph 挑戰社會常規,鼓勵對這些常常被禁忌的話題進行開放對話。這本書是一個變革的催化劑,引發了對香港更有同情心和理解力的社會轉變。它邀請讀者反思自己的經歷和觀點,培養共情,並建立一個支持性的社區。

Source: Tatler Asia

One of the primary goals of 'Big Bites Break Boundaries' is to break the stigma associated with food, body image, and mental health. By sharing her personal narrative, Steph challenges societal norms and encourages open conversations on these often-taboo subjects. The book serves as a catalyst for change, instigating a shift towards a more compassionate and understanding society in Hong Kong. It invites readers to reflect on their own experiences and perspectives, fostering empathy and fostering a supportive community.

為了加入打破沉默和消除污名的運動,立即獲取您的『大啖啲,大膽啲』副本。這本書不僅是 Steph 勇敢的見證,也是那些在飲食、形象和心理健康方面努力奮鬥的人的寶貴資源。通過閱讀和分享這個故事,您將為圍繞這些重要話題的持續對話作出貢獻,並支持創建一個更包容和支持的社會。

To join the movement of breaking the silence and tackling the stigma, grab your copy of 'Big Bites Break Boundaries' today. This book is not only a testament to Steph's bravery but also a valuable resource for individuals struggling with their relationship with food, body image, and mental well-being. By reading and sharing this narrative, you contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding these important topics and support the mission to create a more inclusive and supportive society.

『大啖啲,大膽啲』代表了在香港正常化關於飲食、形象和心理健康的對話的重要一步。通過這個個人敘述,Body Banter 的創始人 Steph 邀請讀者面對自己的挑戰,挑戰社會常規。通過打破沉默和討論敏感話題,她旨在消除圍繞飲食失調的污名,促進理解和支持。讓我們與 Steph 一起踏上這個變革之旅,共同努力培養一個擁抱開放對話、共情和接納的社會。

'Big Bites Break Boundaries' represents a significant step towards normalizing conversations about food, body image, and mental health in Hong Kong. Through this personal narrative, Steph, the founder of Body Banter, invites readers to confront their own struggles and challenges societal norms. By breaking the silence and addressing sensitive topics, she aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding eating disorders and promote understanding and support. Let us join Steph in this transformative journey and work together to foster a society that embraces open conversations, empathy, and acceptance.


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