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Introducing three cultural immersive tour companies

@sherpashk Sherpas 輕背包:

2015年,四位經驗豐富的旅行者聚集在一起,成立了Sherpas 輕背包。他們從自己的旅程中精心挑選出最令人難忘和獨特的風景,創造輕盈且更具沉浸感的旅行體驗。他們的目標是超越傳統旅行團和獨自背包旅行,提供一種新的探索方式,小團體、輕量行李和對所訪地點的深入了解。Sherpas 輕背包相信通過獨特的住宿、當地美食和引人入勝的活動,可以發現意想不到的樂趣,並提供對當地歷史、社會和文化的多維度洞察。

@sherpashk Sherpas:

In 2015, four seasoned travelers with a shared belief came together to establish Sherpas. They handpicked the most unforgettable and unique landscapes from their own journeys, creating lighter and more immersive travel experiences. Their aim is to go beyond traditional tour groups and solo backpacking, offering a new way to explore with small groups, minimal baggage, and a deep understanding of the places visited. Sherpas believes in discovering unexpected pleasures through distinctive accommodations, local cuisine, and engaging activities that provide multi-dimensional insights into the local history, society, and culture.

@hk.travella Travella | 有班旅仔:


@hk.travella Travella

Travella, derived from "Travel" and "Ella" (which signifies female), was founded by five passionate female travelers with extensive experience in the travel industry. Through knowledgeable guidance, they gently journey with the world, connecting with societal dynamics, embracing cultural warmth, and rediscovering their own passions. Since 2012, they have led over ten thousand people to 50+ countries, including the Himalayas, Silk Road countries, former Soviet Bloc nations, the Middle East, and Asian art havens. Collaborating with numerous tertiary institutions and organizations, their team members hold local university degrees and possess experience in various fields such as journalism, broadcasting, writing, hosting and producing radio and television programs, international event planning, digital marketing, and market promotion. With a deep understanding of the power of storytelling, they look forward to creating unique travel stories with you. GLO Travel 

GLO Travel 專注於提供旅行者智慧、難忘和愉悅的深度旅行體驗的文化沉浸式旅遊。他們超越傳統旅行團和自助旅行,提供與學者進行智慧探索、拜訪當地家庭進行文化交流、以及精心策劃主題導向行程的服務。GLO Travel打破行業常規,不接受小費,且行程不包含以佣金為基礎的購物站點。除了深度旅行團,他們還提供私人團體旅行、量身定制的行程和教育旅行體驗,讓旅行者以不同形式享受沉浸式旅遊服務。憑藉著名學者和旅行家的專業團隊,GLO Travel確保行程的順利執行並獲得了卓介紹三家文化沉浸式旅遊公司: GLO Travel

GLO Travel specializes in immersive cultural tours that provide travelers with intellectual, unforgettable, and enjoyable deep travel experiences. They go beyond conventional tours and self-guided trips by offering intellectual exploration with scholars, visits to local homes for cultural exchanges, and carefully planned theme-oriented itineraries. GLO Travel breaks industry norms by not accepting tips and avoiding commission-based shopping stops. In addition to deep travel tours, they offer private group trips, tailor-made itineraries, and educational travel experiences. With a team of renowned scholars and travelers, GLO Travel ensures smooth execution and has received outstanding reviews. They serve as a rare channel for Hong Kong and Taiwan societies to understand lesser-known countries and frequently collaborate with scholars to organize cultural events. Their goal is to create a new travel culture focused on sustainable tourism in Hong Kong.


Embark on a transformative journey of exploration with these three incredible cultural immersive tour companies. Discover the world like never before, connecting with local cultures, embracing unique landscapes, and creating unforgettable memories. From minimal backpacking to deep travel experiences, they offer the keys to unlock hidden treasures and immerse yourself in the beauty of our diverse planet. Join @sherpashk, @hk.travella, and as they take you on a captivating adventure, opening your eyes to new perspectives and igniting the wanderlust within you. 


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