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A Feast For The Senses

全球銷量第一蘇格蘭威士忌品牌 Johnnie Walker1呈獻 Johnnie Walker Blue Label 澳門限定體驗店,展示 Johnnie Walker 經典尊貴的威士忌系列,誠邀公眾親臨體驗,沉浸於Johnnie Walker Blue Label無與倫比的豐富層次,感受絕無僅有的深遽風味,享受醉人的感官光譜盛宴。

Johnnie Walker, the world's best-selling Scotch whisky brand, presents the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Macau Limited Experience Store, showcasing the classic and prestigious whisky collection of Johnnie Walker. The store invites the public to come and experience the unparalleled richness and unique flavors of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and enjoy a sensory feast.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 澳門限定體驗店將於3月13日至5月5日登陸「澳門銀河™」時尚大道東。限定體驗店以原木色主調配合簡潔線條,襯托Blue Label 及品牌珍稀威士忌系列,完美展現的當代奢華空間,令威士忌愛好者體驗非凡尊貴。

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Macau Limited Experience Store will be located on the Fashion Avenue East of "Galaxy Macau™" from March 13th to May 5th. The limited experience store features a contemporary luxury space with a color scheme of natural wood tones and clean lines, complementing the Blue Label and the brand's rare whisky collection, providing whisky enthusiasts with an extraordinary and luxurious experience.

限定體驗店將展示 Johnnie Walker Blue Label及品牌珍稀系列,包括限量發行的Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Pittyvaich﹑Port Dundas及 Legendary Eight,更將展示全球限量288瓶的Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48-Year-Old ,讓顧客探索頂級珍釀,品嚐獨特口感與層次豐富的風味。

The limited experience store will showcase the Johnnie Walker Blue Label and the brand's rare collection, including the limited-edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Pittyvaich, Port Dundas, and Legendary Eight. It will also feature the globally limited 288 bottles of Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48-Year-Old, allowing customers to explore top-notch rare whiskies and savor unique flavors and rich layers.


限定體驗店內設有體驗區,顧客可在指定時段內(每天下午5時至9時)即場細味Johnnie Walker Blue Label 及John Walker & Sons XR 21,感受不同蘇格蘭威士忌的獨特個性。Johnnie Walker Blue Label香氣如一道道辛香波浪,突出香草及蜂蜜香氣,一入口可品嘗黑巧克力中湧出焦糖、榛果味道,以奢華、悠長的溫暖煙燻餘韻作結,多重風味完美平衡。John Walker & Sons XR 21口感柔和,融合金黃蜂蜜、香草及水果的香甜,並逐漸轉變為橡木桶熟成風味的濃郁豐富層次,悠長的橡木香氣尾韻停留在口中久久不散。


The store includes an experiential area where customers can taste the Johnnie Walker Blue Label and John Walker & Sons XR 21 during designated time slots (from 5 PM to 9 PM daily). The aroma of Johnnie Walker Blue Label features waves of spicy notes, highlighting vanilla and honey aromas. Upon tasting, flavors of caramel and hazelnut emerge from the dark chocolate, ending with a luxurious, lingering smoky finish. The John Walker & Sons XR 21 has a smooth texture, blending the sweet aromas of golden honey, vanilla, and fruits, gradually transitioning into a rich and complex profile with the flavors of oak cask maturation. The long-lasting aroma of oak lingers in the mouth.


顧客凡於指定時段內(每天下午1時至9時)即場購買一支或以上 Johnnie Walker Blue Label、Ghost & Rare系列、Legendary Eight或John Walker & Sons King George V,即可享有酒瓶雕刻服務;購買任何兩支或以上,更可額外獲贈Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200ml 一支,送完即止。

Customers who purchase one or more bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Ghost & Rare series, Legendary Eight, or John Walker & Sons King George V during the designated time slots (from 1 PM to 9 PM daily) will enjoy bottle engraving service. Those who purchase any two or more bottles will also receive an additional 200ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, while supplies last.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 澳門限定體驗店




Johnnie Walker Blue Label Macau Limited Experience Store:

Dates: March 13th to May 5th, 2024

Location: Fashion Avenue East, Galaxy Macau™, Cotai, Macau

Opening hours: 11 AM to 9 PM

Johnnie Walker Blue Label x 「澳門銀河™」及星際酒店威士忌配對菜單

於體驗店開放期內,Johnnie Walker Blue Label將聯乘「澳門銀河™」及星際酒店內三間著名中餐廳推出威士忌配對菜單,以匠心調和的蘇格蘭威士忌與精湛工藝的中菜佳餚擦出嶄新火花。

Johnnie Walker Blue Label x Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel Whisky Pairing Menus:

During the opening period of the experience store, Johnnie Walker Blue Label collaborates with three renowned Chinese restaurants in Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel to offer whisky pairing menus. The menus combine the craftsmanship of Scottish whisky with exquisite Chinese cuisine, creating new sparks of flavors.

顧客凡於米芝蓮二星及黑珍珠一鑽湘川餐廳「風味居」享用珍菌椒香炒帶子(MOP 588+)、「澳門銀河」獨有的福建菜餐廳「莆田」享用紅蟳蒸米糕(MOP 888+)、知名果木烤鴨專家「花悅庭」享用灌湯蟹粉大黃魚(MOP 888+),即可獲贈以品牌專屬水晶酒杯奉上的Johnnie Walker Blue Label 30毫升一杯,細味品嚐其無與倫比的獨特繁複風味,與精緻的中菜互相輝映,將美食盛宴昇華到更高層次,帶來絕無僅有的豐盛味覺饗宴。所有價格均以澳門幣計算,需附加10%服務費。

Customers who dine at "Feng Wei Ju," a two-star Michelin and one Diamond-rated Sichuan restaurant, can enjoy the Stir-fried Scallops with Rare Mushrooms (MOP 588+) and receive a complimentary 30ml glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, presented in an exclusive crystal glass. Customers who dine at "Pu Tien," a unique Fujian cuisine restaurant exclusive to Galaxy Macau™, can savor the Steamed Rice Cake with Red Crab (MOP 888+), while customers at "Flower Yuet Heen," a renowned specialist in fruitwood-roasted duck, can indulge in the Stuffed Yellow Croaker with Crab Roe in Soup (MOP 888+). They will also receive a 30ml glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, served in a brand-exclusive crystal glass. This allows them to savor the unparalleled and complex flavors of the whisky, complemented by exquisite Chinese cuisine, elevating the dining experience to a new level. All prices are in Macau Patacas and are subject to a 10% service charge.



電話:+853 8290 8668



電話:+853 8883 2221


地址:「澳門銀河」一樓,1015 (近澳門JW萬豪酒店)

電話:+853 8886 2140

Feng Wei Ju

Address: 5th Floor, StarWorld Hotel, Macau

Phone: +853 8290 8668

Pu Tien

Address: Ground Floor, Galaxy Macau™ (near Banyan Tree Macau)

Phone: +853 8883 2221

Flower Yuet Heen

Address: 1st Floor, Galaxy Macau™, Shop 1015 (near JW Marriott Hotel Macau)

Phone: +853 8886 2140


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