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Bones & Blades: The Secret Behind Their Premium Cuts

It is not surprising that finding high-quality, sustainably raised meats is crucial given what we know about the appalling conditions of bulk meat production and commercial factory farming of animals.

For mindful meat eaters who wish to carry top-notch meat home, Bones & Blades is a butcher and delicatessen in Sai Ying Pun. In Bones & Blades, a connection is drawn between the farm, things we eat and the meat.

The ideology of the restaurant Bones and Blades promotes farmer ethics and supports sustainable farming. Only top-quality meat from grass-fed animals sourced from some of the best family-run farms worldwide are served there.

All of the meats are transformed by their staff on-site, and they are there to advise you on the many cuts that have been overlooked but are just as delectable as prime pieces.

Benefits Of A Grass-Fed Animals

Beef that is grown conventionally originates from cows who live stressed, crowded lifestyles while being heavily medicated. A safer, healthier, and delicious alternative is provided by grass-fed cows. Making the move to meat from grass-fed animals has several advantages.

1. Less Calories and Fat

Compared to cattle raised on feedlots, grass-fed beef has up to 2/3 fewer calories and fat. For instance, a 6-ounce steak from a cow that has been fed just grass will have 100 less calories than a similar steak from a cow that has been fed only grains. A complete year of eating grass-fed beef instead of conventional beef will result in a calorie reduction of almost 17,000 if you consume the average amount of beef (66.5 pounds).

2. Antioxidants Added

There are several antioxidants available as well. Carotenoids found in our meat, including beta-carotene, are derived from the colours in the greens that the animals eat. We only raise grass-fed animals since it is the most moral and environmentally friendly practice. Though it might take longer and cost us more, we believe it will be worthwhile. By doing this, we can guarantee the welfare of our animals and the greatest standard of meat. Additionally, it is considerably better for the environment.

3. Beef From Grass Help Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is a particular advantageous fatty acid found in beef from cows that are fed just grass. Numerous illnesses and ailments, including diabetes and obesity, can be prevented by CLA. A recent randomized, double-blinded trial found that 37% of the participants who received CLA had improved insulin sensitivity compared to the control group. Insulin sensitivity contributes to maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

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