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Monthly Book Recommendations— Summer Edition

After a long day of working at a company screen, nothing makes me fall into a true escape like a really good read. You don’t often come by favorite books, but when you do, It’s like meeting a friend you will have for life. The books I’ve read this year made a lasting impression.

Tonight I’m someone else by Chelsea Hodson

Tonight I’m Someone Else is the first book I’ve read by Chelsea Hodson — a vulnerable and poetic essay collection about the author’s work, life, and relationship. It is packed with self-destruction, womanhood, and emotions between switching careers and getting into relationships. Several of the essays focused on the author’s feelings about the objectification and commodification of her body — while modeling, running outdoors, and working at FedEx, where a customer ogled her daily, and her insights are surprising and refreshing. It reminded me how connected we are as human beings with our shared experiences and desires.

Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller

I remember I discovered this book because I was insecure in the early stages of my relationship — I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way, so I reached out to my friend, and she got me into this book. It touches on the attachment theory, which I wish I had learned sooner. It tells that attachment is normal; it doesn’t deserve a perverse connotation as “clingy.” As human beings, we are only attached to our unmet needs. It has helped me to understand how attachment in a relationship works and improve your existing partnership. It is a practical, enjoyable, and eye-opening guide for anyone.

Lighter by Yung Pueblo

For those who are on the healing journey, I got you. It is an inspiring book that guides me through the most challenging time in my life through the process of self-improvement. The book includes a combination of wisdom, proverbs, and practical advice to help us do the inner work of self-healing. Yung Pueblo draws from his own experience of drug addiction and pleasure-seeking to share stories, advice, and the power of actively working on your own growth so you can enjoy success and deeper relationships every day.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous is Ocean Vuong's first devastatingly beautiful novel, which he wrote as a letter to his illiterate mother, who he knows will never read. Through this letter, Little Dog explores his family's history, his relationship with his mother, and the brutally honest exploration of race, identity, and masculinity. Vuong's writing is lyrical and poetic, focusing on sensory details and vivid imagery. He weaves together themes of love, loss, trauma, and identity in a deeply personal and universal way. The novel is also notable for its exploration of the legacy of the Vietnam War and its impact on Vietnamese immigrants in America.


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