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The Affirmation You Need to Hear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

加速願望實現的方法- 學習12星座的肯定語句

We all have moments when we could use a little extra encouragement and positivity in our lives. Whether you're seeking motivation, self-belief, or a reminder of your strengths, affirmations can be powerful tools for boosting your mood and mindset. But did you know that your zodiac sign can offer insights into the specific affirmations that resonate with you on a deeper level? In this blog post, we'll explore the affirmations you need to hear based on your zodiac sign. So, let's dive in and discover the perfect affirmation to uplift your spirit!


Aries: “I am compassionate with others and myself.”

Self-assured Aries dive head-first into conflict and competition, so an affirmation centred around compassion can help remind them to be gentle with themselves and others. This driven sign loves taking charge and sharing their opinions, so it can be frustrating if they aren’t in control of a situation. This affirmation can also help them tap into their patience and slow down a bit.


Taurus: “I accept change as a positive force in life.”

Tauruses often get a bad rap for being stubborn, but really they just like what they like. Despite enjoying the finer things in life, they’re content staying in their comfort zone, sticking to their routine, wearing a similar outfit, and eating the same meal every day. This affirmation can help them get comfortable with the idea of change and reframe it as a positive opportunity to try something new.

金牛座:「我接受變化是生活中的一股正能量。」 金牛座常常因為固執而受到批評,但實際上他們只是喜歡他們所喜歡的事物。儘管享受生活中的美好事物,他們樂於停留在舒適區,遵循例行公事,穿著相似的服裝,每天吃相同的飯菜。這個肯定語句可以幫助他們接受改變的想法,將其重新定義為嘗試新事物的正面機會。

Gemini: “I’m enough.”

Known for having two personalities, Geminis love change. Their minds are often racing, considering all sides of a discussion or planning an adventure. With their focus always on their next move, it’s important for Geminis to stop and remember that who they are, where they are as-is is enough.

雙子座:「知足就好。」 以雙重性格聞名的雙子座喜歡變化。他們的思維經常飛馳,考慮討論的各個方面或計劃一次冒險。由於他們的注意力總是集中在下一步上,對雙子座來說,停下來並記住他們現在的狀態已足夠重要。

Cancer: “It’s OK to feel my feelings.”

You know that friend who always makes you feel better when you’re down? They’re probably Cancer. This sign loves taking care of others, but with that comes the burden of carrying the weight of others’ problems, so they often forget to take care of themselves. This affirmation reminds them that they’re allowed to express their needs and emotions too.

巨蟹座:「我可以接受感受自己是有情感的。」 你知道那個在你情緒低落時總能讓你感到更好的朋友嗎?他們很可能是巨蟹座的人。這個星座喜歡照顧他人,但這也伴隨著承擔他人問題的負擔,因此他們經常忘記照顧自己。這個肯定語句提醒他們,他們也有權表達自己的需求和情感。

Leo: “I am confident, radiant, and worthy of all the success that comes my way."

Leos thrive at the centre of attention and sharing their accomplishments with others. While we could all probably learn a thing or two about self-confidence from Leos, it’s equally important for them to remember that they don’t need to seek validation from others to feel worthy of praise. This affirmation helps give them permission to find that validation internally.



Virgo: “It’s OK for me to set boundaries.”

Virgos love solving other people’s problems, cleaning up messes, and checking off to-do lists—anything that makes them feel productive. Therefore, they rarely slow down or acknowledge their own needs because they’re focused on perfecting everything around them. Virgos need to be reminded that they should never feel guilty for taking a break or saying “no” to someone’s request.

處女座:「我要容許自己設定界限。」 處女座喜歡解決別人的問題,清理混亂,勾掉待辦事項清單——任何讓他們覺得有成就感的事情。因此,他們很少放慢腳步或關注自己的需求,因為他們專注於完善周圍的一切。處女座需要被提醒,他們應該為休息或對某人的要求說「不」而感到罪惡。

Libra: “I am confident in my decision-making.”

Known for their symbol of scales, Libras can see both sides to any argument. Because of this, they’re often so focused on balancing out those around them that they have difficulty making decisions based on what they want or need. If you’re a Libra, repeat this affirmation to give yourself an added boost of confidence in trusting your gut.

天秤座:「我對自己的決策充滿信心。」 以天平為象徵的天秤座能夠看到任何辯論的兩面。因此,他們經常專注於平衡周圍的人,以至於很難根據自己的意願或需求做出決策。如果你是天秤座,重複這個肯定語句,以給予自己在相信直覺方面更多的信心。

Scorpio: “I am at peace.”

Despite being a water sign, Scorpios are full of the passion and intensity characteristic of a fire sign. While they’re kind and sensitive to those they love (that’s the water sign in them), they often over analyze situations and relationships and can have a hard time letting their guard down. Dear Scorpios: take a break from your racing thoughts to say this affirmation and find peace within yourself.

天蠍座:「我心如止水。」 儘管是水象星座,天蠍座充滿了火象星座所特有的激情和強烈性格。雖然他們對所愛之人友善和敏感(這是他們身上的水象特質),但他們經常過分分析情況和關係,並且很難放下防備。親愛的天蠍座,暫時停下你快速轉動的思緒,說出這個肯定語句,找到內心的平靜。

Sagittarius: “ I am adventurous, optimistic, and trust that the universe always guides me in the right direction."

Curious Sagittarians are always on the move, looking for their next big adventure. They love learning but can sometimes get lost in their endless quest for knowledge and lose sight of the end goal. This affirmation helps them remember that they’re on a lifelong journey to become the best version of themselves.

射手座:「我勇於冒險、樂觀並相信宇宙總會引領我走向正確的方向。」 好奇的射手座總是在不斷尋找下一個大冒險。他們喜歡學習,但有時候會迷失在無盡的知識追求中,忽略了最終目標。這個肯定語句幫助他們記住,他們正在一生追求成為最好版本的自己的旅程中。

Capricorn: “I am proud of myself and how far I’ve come.”

Capricorn, you possess unwavering determination and a strong work ethic. This affirmation serves as a reminder of your disciplined nature and your ability to make steady progress towards achieving your ambitions. You face challenges with fearless perseverance and pursue excellence with a remarkable work attitude. You deeply believe in your worth and efforts, and build upon them to continually surpass yourself. This affirmation motivates you to keep striving, to acknowledge your accomplishments, and to feel proud of them. Whatever your goals may be, you have the resilience and diligence to climb the peaks and take pride in every step you take.



Aquarius: “I am grateful for places where I feel like I belong.”

Known for forging their own paths, Aquarians are alternative and independent. They love doing their own thing, but this can sometimes leave them feeling like an outsider. Whenever they feel like they don’t fit in, Aquarians should take a pause and remember all the places where they feel seen and the people who understand them as exactly who they are.

水瓶座:「我對於那些讓我有歸屬感的人與物心存感激。」 水瓶座以開創自己的道路而聞名,他們具有另類和獨立的特質。他們喜歡做自己的事情,但有時候這會讓他們感到像個局外人。每當他們感覺自己不適應時,水瓶座應該停下來,回想一下那些讓他們感到被看見和理解的地方,以及那些理解他們真實自我的人。

Pisces: “I am strong.”

As a water sign, Pisces can’t help but feel intense emotions and you are known for your deep empathy and spiritual nature. This affirmation affirms your intuitive abilities and reminds you to embrace your compassionate nature, always staying connected to the deeper aspects of life.This along with insecurities can leave them feeling fragile. This affirmation is an important reminder that they are strong and that their emotional intelligence is their superpower.




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